ALZUETA GALLERY Barcelona | Girona
The ALZUETA GALLERY is now shining thanks to the TOKYO spotlights by HOFFLIGHTS.
This multifunctional spotlight ensures every different piece of art is illuminated correctly. 

ALZUETA GALLERY initially picked this spotlight to illuminate the PALAU DE CASAVELLS in Gerona. Then further projects, such as the revamp of the ALZUETA GALLERY SÉNECA and the new lighting project of the ALZUETA GALLERY TURÓ (both based in Barcelona), were carried out using this spotlight. 

The TOKYO spotlight features CCT switch + front zoom + dim on board and turned out to be the right choice to enhance every single piece of contemporary art showcased in these prestigious galleries.

The CCT switch is on the back of the luminaire along with the dimmer. The switch allows to change colour temp from 2k7 to 3K and 4K. while the user can also dim the light intensity from 0 to 100%. Moreover, the Front Zoom gear allows the use to open up the angle from 15° to a max of 55°. 

The body of the luminaire is in aluminium. It features PMMA lenses, COB LED with CRI>90 and embedded flicker free driver 100-240V. It is available in black or white finish, in versions of 15W and 25W and can be fitted to On-Off or DALI 3 circuit tracks. Honeycomb is also available upon request. 

This multifunctional range of spotlights is ideal for environments such as museums and art galleries, but also restaurants, retail, hospitality projects. 
Pictures by: Javier Marquez Studio